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SPS Mining Supplies Ltd. offers geotechnical core drilling equipment in BC, the Yukon and Western Canada. Prior to selecting a suitable core drill, it is important to understand what core drilling means. Core drilling refers to the process of drilling under the earth’s surface in order to get a rock or soil sample

It is an essential aspect of geotechnical investigations used for the planning and construction of sub-surfaces like pipelines, tunnels, and others. Core drills are cylindrical and hollow that are made from metal with diamond or are carbide coated. 

To place an order for core drills in BC, or request additional information, call SPS Mining Supplies. We carry brands such as:

Treeline Wood Products
Boart Longyear
FORDIA powered by Epiroc


Core bits are a type of cutting tools that are used to remove a cylindrical-shaped material known as the core. They may differ in their application but have a hollow centre similar to hole saws. 

Our parts supply includes:


  • They are high-quality and low cost geotechnical impregnated diamond core bits. Geotech is ideal for short drilling in geotechnical, engineering, and shallow mining projects. With geotech, you won’t have to worry about rod and core barrel wear as it offers better core recovery. 

Devils dread

  • Devils dread is more suitable for clay, soft shale, and sandstone surfaces or grounds. They are a soft rock core bit and are tough. You can consider them for fast and long-lasting applications. 


  • You can count on our polycrystalline core bit for heavy-duty cutting and is suitable for drilling soft rocks. It offers heavy-duty outside and inside gauge protection, large polycrystalline diamond pins, and carbide wear pads. In addition, you can consider them for coal exploration projects. 

Surface set

  • Surface sets can assist you with all your drilling needs over different surfaces or ground conditions. Their application ranges from coarse to fine drilling. SPS Mining Supplies offer a wide selection of surface sets, as we are committed to serving you in the best possible way. 

Geotech reaming shell

  • They are an essential component of drilling equipment that come in varying lengths and sizes. The remaining shell acts as a coupling between the core bit and the outer barrel. In addition, you can use them for stabilizing the bottom of the drill string. 

Casing shoes

  • Casing shoes help protect the casing ends from any possible distortion. They are designed for opening the hole and for standard drilling purposes. Our professionals can help you choose the appropriate casing shoes based on your next core drilling project needs. 

Core barrel parts

  • Core Barrels parts are used for recovering the core and play an important role in core drilling projects in BC. They are frequently used in mineral explorations where you might have to drill for hundreds and thousands of feet in length. 


Are you interested in learning more about core drills, drill casings, drill rods, or coring products? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to share all the information you seek regarding our range of core drills in BC.

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